Welcome to Busy Bees Day Care

We welcome all future Parents that are looking for a secure place to trust with their precious child. A place where your kids will feel like his or her second home.  Not only they will learn how to play, share and be with other children of the same age but at the same time they […]

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How to make your kids happy

Every house can witness a tug of war between parents wanting their kids to eat healthy food and kids wanting to eat food that they find good. With a little foresight and planning both parents and children can be happy. Great health tips don’t have to be painful. Children want to have tasty food and […]

Fitness And Kids

Introducing kids to a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge in our fast food, video game laden society. Thirty minutes once a week in P.E. class isn’t nearly enough to maintain the cardiovascular system, much less keep an overall healthy bodyweight. One thing that P.E. class has right though is that classes are fun and […]

Childcare Tips

It is extremely critical for peace of mind that parents are able to source quality child care facilities which are affordable. This process certainly does not have to be difficult, but if you want the process to go as quick and smoothly as possible and ensure that your baby is going to be safe and […]

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